1-Day Surgery

Important telephone numbers:

Physicians’ office: 089 519-48-03
Nursing station: 089 519-48-02
Information: 089 519-48-02

Within the Department, we offer wide range of surgical treatments for adults and children, including the minimally invasive arthroscopic procedures that allow a short-termed stay of the Patient in the Department.

The treatments are conducted by the physicians, specialists in orthopaedics and traumatology of the locomotor system:


Bogusław Baczkowski, MD, dr hab

Dariusz Cetnarowicz, MD

Robert Surus, MD


1-Day Treatment - Orthopaedics and Traumatology of the Locomotor System

open, under the contract with the National Health Found, on:

Friday          11.30-20.00

Saturday           8.00-14.00

Sunday       8.00-13.00

The treatments are financed by the National Health Found



Types of treatments conducted within the 1-Day Surgery

Upper limb surgeries, including:

  • Nerve compression syndrome
  • Dupuytren’s contracture
  • Tendonitis
  • Nerve and tendon damage
  • Nodules
  • Finger and wrist fractures

Knee joint surgeries:

  • Ligamentous reconstructions of knee joint, including:

          - ACL reconstruction (anterior cruciate ligament)

          - PCL reconstruction (posterior cruciate ligament)

          - MCL reconstruction (medial collateral ligament)

          - Reconstruction of posterior lateral complex

          - Patellar instability – reconstruction of medial retinaculum

  • Arthroscopic stitching of the damaged meniscus
  • Reconstruction of the damaged joint cartilage with the use of biomaterials 
  • Washout of knee joint in the case of degenerative lesions

Arthroscopy of shoulder joint :

  • Stabilization of shoulder joint in the case of anterior, posterior or multidirectional instability 
  • Stitching of the damaged labrum
  • Reconstruction of the damaged rotator cuff
  • Decompression of subacromial space

Arthroscopy of ankle joint :

  • Washout of joint in the case of degenerative lesions
  • Reconstruction of the joint cartilage with the use of biomaterials
  • Decompression of ankle joint in the case of anterior conflict

What is 1-Day Surgery?

The 1-Day Surgery is a way of surgical treatment, whose objective is to conduct a specific surgical treatment on the patient in a minimum time (the patient stays in the department mostly no longer than 24 hours).

Advantages of 1-Day Surgery/em>

The 1-Day Surgery was established in response to the patient’s needs, who show some reluctance to the prolonged periods of hospital stay, expect the shortening of the period of absence from work and reducing of stress related to the treatment.
The treatments conducted within 1-Day Surgery have, to a lesser degree, impact on the life and work rhythm of the patient, without interrupting his daily activities.

The benefits of conducting surgical treatments within 1-Day Surgery also includes:

- shortening of waiting time for the treatment,

- reducing the infection risk and stress,

- short hospital stay, since the patient stays in the department mostly no longer than 24 hours.

Prior to the treatment it is recommended to vaccinate against Hepatitis B.