About us


The Voivodeship Rehabilitation Hospital for Children in Ameryka near Olsztynek is an independent public health care centre that provides treatment improvement in the form hospitalisation.


szpital ramka rozmyta

Our team is a group of remarkable specialists: physicians, physiotherapists, nurses and pedagogues.

The well-being of our patients constitutes our ultimate objective. We endeavour not only to maintain high level of qualifications, but also to support the treatment with warm and friendly atmosphere.

The advantage of our facility includes the perfect location in the forest complex with unique microclimate whose healing qualities are confirmed by scientific studies and almost the 100-year tradition.



“The mission of our hospital is to enable the disabled children

to recover and to come back to normal active life as fast and as complete as possible.

In the process of its implementation we promote dedicated and professional personnel,

the latest treatment methods, the state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment

and children-friendly atmosphere.”