Visitor regulation



  • You can visit the patients staying in the departments on any day between 8.00 - 20.00 after the prior report of the visit to the physician or nurse.

  • Limitations of visits may be introduced due to the epidemiological reasons upon the written decision of the Hospital Director.

  • The underage persons can visit the patients only in the company of the adult person.
  • The patients cannot be visited by the ill persons or intoxicated persons.


  • The person, who is visiting the patient in the hospital is obliged to:
  • read this regulation,
  • leave the outer garment in the cloakroom,
  • clean the footwear thoroughly,
  • behave politely during his/her stay in the Hospital,
  • comply with any recommendations of the hospital personnel.
  • The patient visitors are forbidden to:
  • provide the patients with food products, items and equipment restricted by the physician,
  • have loud conversations and raise subjects that may arouse the patient’s anxiety and also to disturb other patients,
  • smoke in the premises of the Hospital.
    • The patient visitors may ask the attending physician or doctor on duty for the information concerning the patient’s health status.

  • Any requests and remarks of the patient visitor may be written into the “book of requests and recommendations”, which is available in the doctor on duty office.


In order to avoid gastrointestinal disorders and to enable the children to consume hot meals served in the hospital on a regular basis, o we ask not to bring: dzieciom: 

  • Fizzy drinks, drinks in plastic bottles, citrus fruit drinks,
  • strawberries, wild strawberries, grapes,
  • instant soups, ketchup, sausage,
  • crisps, salted sticks,
  • chocolate, cream cakes, jellies,
  • perishable food, dinner-type meals, sandwiches,
  • food that is highly allergenic.