Hospital stay




  • medical documentation (hospital discharge summary reports, X-ray images, disability certificate, decision on the need for special education),
  • casual clothes, gym clothes, swimwear, pyjamas,
  • alternative footwear to change into (slippers, sports footwear for exercising),
  • toiletries, towel,
  • textbooks and school accessories,
  • footwear and outer garments suitable for the season of the year (for walks),
  • favourite child’s toy


In the premises of the Hospital, there are no shop or cafeteria facilities, there are only snacks and drinks vending machines, which accept coins.

There is a possibility to buy meals in the hospital canteen, upon prior telephone arrangement
under tel. no. +48 089 519 48 31, +48 089 519 48 65



6.50-7.50             Waking up, morning routines, collection of samples for the laboratory tests

7.50-8.15              Breakfast

8.15-14.00            Physician Rounds, patients examination

8.15-19.30            Rehabilitation exercises and hydro- and physiotherapeutic treatments, implementation of the physician's prescribed program

8.15-15.00            Classes

10.00-10.15         Lunch

12.45-15.00         Leisure time for the pre-school children

12.45-13.30         Dinner

15.00-20.00         After-classes activities in the education groups

15.25-15.40         Afternoon snack

18.30-18.50         Supper

20.00-7.00            Night quiet time of the pre-school groups

20.30-7.00            Night quiet time of the school groups


The planned admittance to the Hospital  is from Monday to Friday between 7:00 – 14:00

The discharge from the Hospital is from Monday to Friday between 9:00 – 13:00